Waters Capital Group performs a systematic assessment of each opportunity according to quality and value. Governed by a set of investment standards, WCG targets real estate loans with moderate returns at reasonable risk. Above all, those standards emphasize protection of capital. Growth is sustained through deliberate action and, at times, inaction.


Waters Capital Group is primarily a direct-lender for real estate investors and brokers.
WCG prides itself on the highest level of service and professionalism throughout the life of a loan.

As real estate sponsors, the principles of WCG are always after "the whole story". They are particularly aware of the opportunities and pitfalls of owning and operating real estate. For select clients, WCG provides real estate consulting services including, bid negotiation, contract review, risk management, cost estimating, program management, ROI analysis, life-cycle cost estimating, and analysis of alternatives. Using current technologies, WCG offers solutions for owners and operators to increase the bottom-line, most with short-term payback.


Waters Capital Group is a direct source of capital for borrowers and brokers at competitive rates and terms. We offer a quick and straight-forward approach so you can focus on closing the deal.


Waters Capital Group offers technical services to investors, borrowers and brokers in support of their stated goals.


Waters Capital Group provides financing in the form of trust deeds for non-owner occupied residential, multi-family, mixed-use, office, industrial and entitled land. We lend in senior and junior positions. Contact us today for rates and terms.


Waters Capital Group welcomes the opportunity to work with Brokers.

The Importance of the Brokerage Community

Real Estate Brokers are an integral part of real estate lending process. Successful brokers guide their clients through this process, producing detailed, easy to understand applications for lender evaluation. They share their knowledge of the market and assist in developing a comprehensive strategy for project success.

The Resources We Offer to Brokers to Maximize Their Chances for Success

Waters Capital Group is committed to supporting and protecting the broker community. We offer clear underwriting standards as well guidance in preparation and submission of loans applications.



Where is the real estate market headed?

Ask five experts in the industry and you'll likely receive five different answers. That said, most experts will agree that your likelihood of success is most heavily dependent on how and when you buy. Selling real estate is most often a function of changing investment objectives.

How should I invest in real estate?

Real estate invesment choices have expanded greatly. The right choice depends on many factors, including investment return, risk tolerance, and whether you wish to have an active or passive role in the investment. The primary consideration is in understanding the underlying value of the asset(s).

Where does a private lender obtain it’s capital to lend?

As the name implies, private lenders generally obtain capital from private individuals or entities looking for a better return on investment and regular interest income. Capital for a specific loan may come from one individual or may be pooled together in a trust deed (TD) fund. TD Funds invest capital based on specific lending parameters.


Water Capital Group is your source for real estate capital and consulting services. Call us directly or complete the form below to discuss specific opportunities.

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